Services include digital film scanning, editing, digital 2D and 3D visual effects, motion graphics, color grading,

sound design, Dolby digital sound mixing and mastering, digital picture and sound film recording, digital cinema mastering and distribution, video encoding, digital film restoration, stereoscopic films, planetarium/dome productions.





We conform/online material edited on Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, etc, originating from any  digital camera (Alexa, Canon, Red, etc) or film scanner, with support for time-code/key-code and other metadata.


Color grading is real time for any material (linear, log, or raw), at 16/32 bits color depth with practically unlimited secondaries (masks, keys, vignettes, tracking etc) per shot.

We use a DaVinci Resolve workstation with control surface, Red Rocket card, hardware scopes and a Sony SXRD projector with Xenon lamp.


VFX is performed using Fusion/AFX compositing software plus other helper programs and plug-ins, at any resolution and color depth. All workstations used offer real-time 2K playback and are equipped with 2.5K resolution monitors.


We use LightSpace CMS for facility-wide color management.





We provide digital cinema mastering and distribution for both monoscopic (2D) and stereoscopic (3D) projects.

We support all digital cinema features: 2K/4K resolutions, high frame rates up to 48fps, both interop and

smpte packaging, multichannel audio up to 16 channels and TI CineCanvas and SMPTE subtitles.


Services include:

Encrypted or unencrypted digital cinema package creation (DCP).

Distribution copies on all supported media (CRU HDDs, External HDDs, USB Sticks, etc).

Encryption key generation and key delivery message (KDM) management.





We record on internegative and camera negative films, at resolutions up to 4Κ.

The average time to record 100 minutes of material on camera negative film at 2K resolution, is three days.


Service includes:

Camera internegative or negative film (Kodak or Fuji).

Film recording with a Celco Firestorm 2X on a single film roll per act (609 meters / 21 minutes).

Development of the film negative at a calibrated film lab.

Quality control of the development, using a high precision densitometer.

Test recording, development, print and projection at a lab or cinema.





Stereoscopic 3D projects

Digital film restoration

Archiving (LTO format)

Custom resolution projects, beyond 4K, for public venues and large scale projections